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Siashi is EroticNeko's mascot (and best friend!)

I started creating Siashi in 2013 after I really started getting to conventions and the online community of anime. She went through a lot of changes throughout the years and only really came to the light once my Tumblr following started to grow.

She originally was a pink haired catgirl with green eyes, glasses and a kitty sweater. Over the years she has grown into my pink eyed sexy maid that I always knew she was going to be. Her first big outfit was wearing her favorite character - Chocola from Nekopara's maid outfit! It's her all time favorite outfit because it's flowy and fits her personality. Though she loves wearing any outfit that makes her feel sexy and fun!

Some of Siashi's best friends are Kuro (FoxyKuro), Kat (Sexycatgirlsandstuff), and Midori (TacticalSald)!


Age: 2 years

Birthday: May 8

Height: 5 foot 5 inches

Breed: Maine Coon

Stats: 36-25-35

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